Thursday, October 24, 2013

Drains Clogged by Mussels Aren't a Problem for Plumbers in Cypress, TX

One official says, “Not only does this mark the first time that zebra mussels have been documented in the Brazos River basin, this new infestation is nearly 200 miles south of where zebra mussels are currently found in Texas.” Therefore, there is a chance that these mussels could invade other areas in Texas like Houston, Katy, and Sugar Land. It is prudent for homeowners to keep in touch with utility professionals who specialize in garbage-disposal and clog clearing like Capital Care Plumbing, a company of plumbers in Cypress, TX. This is because they have specialized tools dedicated to clearing out drainage and water pipes that ordinary people usually don't have access to. Cable augers, for instance, can “snake through” curves and spirals, cleaning out refuse as they do so. Closet augers are specifically designed for toilets (especially when a clog is too much for a plunger to handle) while electric power augers are used to clear out blockages deep within the plumbing system.

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