Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Plumber in Sugar Land Faces Issues with Several Toilets in a Home

More toilet problems mean increased need for the services of a professional plumber in Sugar Land. Before you can start using your toilet again, the plumber you hired will have to remove the clog that’s causing the reverse pressure. If the source of clogging is embedded much deeper into the plumbing system- say, tree roots piercing through the main sewer- digging will be necessary.

Meanwhile, any toilet problem can be prevented if your home plumbing system is regularly inspected and maintained by skilled plumbers in Sugar Land, TX from the likes of Capital Care Plumbing. They use different cleaning and repairing methods to ensure that sewers and pipes are free of plugs, which impede waste and water transportation. With their services, the chances of clogged plumbing ruining your peace will be much smaller.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sugar land, TX Water Heaters May Need New Expert Care Approach in 2015

While a tankless water heater doesn’t have a tank, it has a boiler which is just as prone to scale buildup as a tank. Scale formed by continuous flow of hard water can be dangerous to the water heater system, particularly reducing heat transfer in the boiler. Professional servicing from plumbing firms like Capital Care Plumbing can help deal with these sediments and prolong the life of Sugar Land water heaters for up to about 25 years.

New standards will require water heater manufacturers to replace or add components to their products. With these changes, even installation and methods may slightly be changed. Homeowners should turn to expert plumbers when installing a new tankless water heater unit. This will help reduce the cost of repair and maintenance down the road.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top Cypress, TX Plumbers Fix Damage Caused by Hard Water on Plumbing

Regular removal of the scales from the bottom of the water heater tank will help prevent any issues of equipment malfunction. However, when it comes to other plumbing fixtures, you need to keep the deposits in check, and when issues arise, you should call a skilled plumber from Cypress, TX. He can remove potential clogs from your pipelines and install a whole-house water softener.

Besides ending your problem with scales and sediments, plumbers from a prominent plumbing company like Capital Care Plumbing can provide you with other helpful services, including gas leak repair and sewage backup solutions. Root removal from main pipelines to prevent backup issues is also within their expertise.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

POU and Condensing: Know Your Tankless Water Heaters in Cypress, TX

For most Texans, nothing grinds their gears more than cold weather in an arid-humid state. As one blogger writes, they don’t wear winter clothing, find it hard to remove frost, and lose their minds at the first snowflake. Lucky for them, it’s summer; but, boy, is it raining cats and dogs in the humid part of Texas.

So, even with winter still far off, homes are better off with tankless water heaters in Cypress, TX ready. Not only will they never run out of hot water when they need it the most, they can also wire the heaters to provide hot water for a specific location. There are different kinds of tankless heaters in use in homes today, with the whole-house system wired to the plumbing mains.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Katy, TX Plumbers Warn Against Toilets That Make Water Bills Pricey

One of the most likely culprits is the closet flange, a fitting located underneath the toilet. Experts recommend setting the flange flat on the bathroom floor or no more than a quarter-inch above it. A replacement should be in order if a large chunk of the flange has broken off. You can find one for about $5, but installation isn’t easy.

In relation to the flange, there’s also the matter of caulking. Most plumbers may not recommend caulking because it would be difficult to spot any future leaks, but some municipal codes deem it necessary to prevent bacteria from gnawing at the flange. Ask a Katy, TX plumber like Capital Care Plumbing about caulking first.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tankless Water Heaters in Katy, TX: Shrinking Bills in Growing Homes

Tankless water heaters also reduce costs in accessories such as seismic strapping. As these don’t store hot water like storage water heaters, most codes exempt them from strapping.

However, tankless water heaters in Katy, TX are more complicated to install than storage ones. This warrants the expertise of plumbing services such as Capital Care Plumbing to adequately mount the conduit and plumbing to the wall. If not installed properly, some of its disadvantages- namely, delayed delivery of hot water- may be aggravated.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Effective Plumber in Sugar Land Help Homeowners Live Comfortable Lives

"If these problems are left unattended to, they can encourage the growth of mold that can prove harmful for residents. An erratic plumbing system will also have a negative effect on the water quality that the house receives. Advanced erosion can also be expected from unmaintained plumbing systems. These are some of the reasons why a proper plumber in Sugar Land, TX is of utmost importance. A plumber that works for a company like Capital Care Plumbing has the necessary tools, knowledge, and experience to make the repairs as quickly and professionally as possible. They also won’t aggravate the plumbing problem, unlike many DIYers who haven’t received formal training."

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Call Good Contractors for Erratic Water Heaters in Sugar Land, TX

"It is also important to remember that there are several other ways for a water heater to deteriorate. Internal rust, a water heater that does not match the needs of the household, and simple neglect to maintain it are some of the most common reasons why water heaters fall to ruin. Homeowners in Texas can definitely conduct DIY projects to get their water heaters fixed, but it will be far better to call plumbers who can perform effective Sugar Land water heater repair. Services like Capital Care Plumbing have trained and well-equipped professionals who can efficiently perform the necessary repairs. Trust in them to get the job done and the safety of your home will be all the better for it."

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cypress, TX Plumbers Share Simple Tips for Keeping Drains Clog-Free

"Use Drain Catchers If it seems like Cousin It of the Adams Family took a nice hot shower in your bathroom, you may want to start installing drain catchers in the shower area. You can easily find these at your local home improvement store. Of course, all these preventive methods cannot guarantee your drains will stay clear forever. The moment you notice any gurgling sounds coming from your drains, be sure to shut your main water valve immediately. Afterward, call trusted Cypress, TX plumbers like the ones from Capital Care Plumbing to come and clear the clog as soon as possible."

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Three Tips to Help Extend the Lives of Water Heaters in Cypress, TX

"Turn it off The less you use the water heater, the longer it will last. If there won’t be anyone at home throughout the day it’s best to turn your heater off; you can always turn it on again once you come home. This is especially important when you’re about to leave for a family vacation. Be Aware of Warning Signs Learn how to spot warning signs of water heater failure. Common signs include: dropping water temperature, leaking tanks, and loud clanging noises from within the tank. If you spot these signs, immediately call a Cypress, TX water heater repair service like Capital Care Plumbing. Quick patch jobs can help keep your heater running for a few more years."

Friday, May 16, 2014

Tasking Plumbers in Katy, TX to Work on your Home’s Basement Bathroom

"Remember that the drainage links for the new bathroom will also be essential. Your plumber can help you determine the flow rate from the grid and map out the solutions for the drain. In the end, you will be very grateful for the additional comfort that a basement bathroom brings to your house. What more can you ask for when you’ve got Capital Care, some of the best plumbers in Katy, TX, on the case?"

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Installing Restaurant Water Heaters through Katy, TX Professionals

"The article notes that heat loss is a lingering problem among food service outlets because of a lack of insulation on the piping grid itself. As such, you must consult an expert plumber about insulating sections of exposed piping. Being able to use hot water for dishwashing along with providing customers cold water to drink with their food will make all the difference in your restaurant’s success. A Katy, TX water heater company like Capital Care Plumbing is a step in the right direction."

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hiring a Trusted Sugar Land Plumber During the Fast-Paced Housing Boom

Another way to maximize your search for a reliable plumber in Sugar Land, TX and in other communities in Texas is to go for the ones that are fully-insured, bonded and licensed. This will save you from worrying about expenses that may arise, in case something untoward happens during the installations.

By choosing the right plumbers and other contractors, you can expect to get the most out of your investment, down to the last dollar you paid.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cold Weather Savings Can Encourage Sugar Land Water Heater Repair

Sugar Land water heater repair services, like Capital Care Plumbing, would have a lot of work coming their way, since maintaining and upgrading water heaters is best left in the hands of professionals. In the long run though, the savings that homeowners can get for having professionals take a look at their water heater and do maintenance work are always worth it. Upgrading your heaters to tankless ones would also go a long way to saving money.

With the continuing cold weather, Sugar Land households are often forced to spend a lot of money just to keep warm. Since the main source of expenditure during such weather is usually the house’s water heater (or heaters), it will take preventative maintenance and optimization to ensure sure that the expense will be mitigated.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Plumbers in Cypress, TX Can Fix Toilets that Flush Twice and More

This is why it is important for households who suspect that they have a plumbing problem to call reliable plumbers in Cypress, TX. Plumbers like those that work for Capital Care Plumbing have the experience and equipment that can handle both easy and complex plumbing projects your house will require.

Families should not wait for a plumbing catastrophe to happen before they call in a professional. It is better to take the initiative and call a plumber when they feel that there’s something wrong with their plumbing.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hooking Up Your House with Tankless Water Heaters in Cypress, TX

Even when you’ve chosen a specific class of water heaters, look at the expected volume of water usage at any given time, which will be determined in terms of gallons per minute. It will be essential if someone’s in the shower but you’re using the dishwasher or answering the call of nature in another room.

Tankless heaters are available in either gas or electric-powered models. Gas versions need adequate ventilation, but an electric heater should have an entirely new power line connected and be of the proper voltage and amperage. The arrangement will help the contractor map the options for water heater repair in Cypress, TX.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Expert Katy, TX Plumbers Give Some Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Never operate your garbage disposal unit without flowing water. The liquid lubricates the teeth and helps it grind food more efficiently, thereby preventing problems such as a burn-out motor. The water conveys the slush towards the drain holes. Use only cold water though—hot water will melt fat from food, which can become blockages later on when they solidify again.

Call for Help

If you experience issues like a grinding metal sound, food jams, or backed-up water, call professional Katy, TX plumbers immediately. Remember, garbage disposal units are complex appliances that should only be serviced by professionals, and DYI repairs may end up causing more damage.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tankless Katy, TX Water Heaters: Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

For smart consumers, the ability of any water heater to conserve electricity is just important as its capacity to heat water. To avoid energy wastage, homeowners consequently need to carefully consider their domestic water heating needs. According to, homes that require or use less than 41 gallons of hot water every day can benefit from on-demand water heaters in Katy, TX that do hang from walls and measure about a third of the size of bulky storage water tank heaters.

These gas- or electric-powered tankless water heaters heat cold water directly as it travels through the pipes. An on-demand Katy, TX water heater can also be turned off when not in use, thereby driving down the household’s overall energy usage and at the same time shedding a non-essential load on the power grid. further adds that with tankless heaters, consumers can steer clear of the standby energy losses typically associated with storage tank water heating systems.

Monday, March 3, 2014

When to Call your Professional Sugar Land Plumber for Fast Service

Understand that there are tasks that require a level of skill beyond those offered by DIY instructional videos, such as looking for leaks in a 1500 meter long sewer pipe, or checking out the existence of sinkholes which you suspect lies directly under your home’s drainage line. While it might put a dent in your budget, professional quality work, in the long run, saves you money and a great deal of worry.

Weigh your options whether the plumbing task at hand is something you can tackle, such as replacing the rubber seal on your leaky faucet, or something beyond your beginner’s skills. Don’t hesitate to call for experienced plumbers in Sugar Land, TX for accurate troubleshooting and repair.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tankless Sugar Land Water Heaters: Always Weigh All Possibilities

Looking at all the general pros and cons listed above, the benefits still outweigh the downsides. The fact that tankless water heaters in Sugar Land or elsewhere last longer, and thus, can save you more money with its energy efficient feature, is a major upside in itself.

If you’re considering going tankless in your Sugar Land home, call your accredited service providers, such as Capital Care Plumbing, to help you choose the type of water heater suited to your home. They can help you with the purchase, installation, and maintenance of your water heating equipment.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let Cypress, TX Plumbers Work on Garbage Disposal Problems at Home

This passage from cited problems, such as clogged drains and low water pressure, as typical signs pointing to the need for a plumbing service. Plumbing solutions for clogged drains might seem like simple do-it-yourself home projects; however, calling for professional plumbers in Cypress, TX would be far better than blindly and unsteadily working on water disasters at home.

Draining or pooling in the sink may signify clogged pipes or problems with your sink drain or garbage disposal. Avoid throwing hard objects through the disposal. In some cases, water should be flushed along with the object. Clogs are commonly caused by throwing hard, viscous, or fibrous stuffs into the sink drain, such as mushy fruit and vegetable peels, excess grease and oils, meat product bones, egg shells, and coffee grounds.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Warning Signs That Show Your Water Heaters in Cypress, TX Need Repairs

Flushing and cleaning services are commonly recommended. For nasty damages, replacement of parts such as the hoses, valves, vents, or tanks are advised. Extremely antiquated water systems may also have to be replaced altogether for safety reasons, as well as in compliance with government regulations.

Professional companies, such as Capital Care Plumbing, can safely diagnose the problem with your Cypress water heaters. With their modern tools, experts can offer solutions to help fix the problem, as well as maintain the system for you. Even if your water heater seems to be humming along well, take the initiative and call up your trusted plumbing company to check your system and do a timely tune-up.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gas Leak and Water Heater: Call your Gas Company and Katy, TX Plumber

If your house suddenly starts smelling of rotten eggs or sulfur, leave the house with your phone and call your gas company to check your home immediately. Afterwards, when all has been checked out and the house is deemed safe, call your local Katy, TX plumber to determine the integrity of the seal that connects your water appliances to the gas pipes.

Capital Care Plumbing, one of the leading plumbers in Katy, TX, also advises residents to vacate their homes until the gas company and the plumber arrives to check the wires and pipes. Do not flick light switches or switch off the gas main before you leave the house—they may emit tiny sparks that might ignite the gas inside your home.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Tankless Water Heaters in Katy, TX: Homeowners Save more Electricity

People should also consider installing tankless water heaters in Katy, TX homes. Unlike traditional heaters that continuously warm water inside a tank, tankless models only heat water when you turn on the tap or shower, allowing you to save up to 40% in water-heating costs.

Capital Care Plumbing, a Katy, TX water heater repair and installation expert, points out that tankless units have a longer life expectancy—up to 20 years compared with the10-15 years lifespan that conventional storage-type heaters offer. Depending on your tankless heater’s size, its heating rate, longevity, and general efficiency, your tankless heater might earn you a great deal of savings –both in energy and replacement costs—than the conventional type.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dealing with Toilet Problems? Get Help from a Plumber in Sugar Land

Simple problems with the toilet or shower can just be the tip of an iceberg that might overwhelm you in the future. Before the larger part of that iceberg emerges, call a reliable plumber in Sugar Land to inspect your pipes and fixtures, as well as to repair any obvious damage. Doing so will help prevent flooding that might not only soak your furniture but also endanger the health of your family.

Fixing bathroom problems is just as intricate as installing plumbing fixtures. If you have a new tankless water heater or tub to install, consider hiring a reputable plumber in Sugar Land, TX to do the job for you. This way, you can make sure that those fixtures will work properly for as long as you need.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why Must I Get Tankless Water Heaters from Sugar Land, TX Contractors?

Still, the efficiency of a tankless water heater can be compromised if there is too much demand for hot water. Therefore, before purchasing and installing your unit, estimate the amount of hot water you will need for particular chores like washing the dishes and doing the laundry. A high demand for hot water means you need a bigger unit. On the other hand, you can just choose to do your chores one at a time to keep the unit’s efficiency high.

Note that only experts can install tankless water heaters. Fortunately, there are companies like Capital Care Plumbing that provide reliable Sugar Land water heater repair and installation services. There’s a bigger chance that you’ll have your unit working efficiently all year round with these experts always available.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cold Weather Gives You More Reasons to Call Plumbers in Cypress, TX

Winter can be quite a harsh time for many homeowners. Not only do they have to worry about ice and snow building up outside their houses, they also have to ensure that their properties are free from leaks and frost, the latter of which can be quite problematic even to the most experienced plumbers, according to HTR Media. If there is one thing that plumbers loathe during winter, however, it is a frozen pipe.

This is because a frozen pipe can’t just be “fixed” simply by thawing the ice and letting the water dry. If the damage is too extensive, the pipe might need to be completely replaced. Even if the damage doesn’t seem to be severe, it is still very likely that tiny cracks have already formed in the pipe itself, which could lead to a rupture or breakage in the future. Such things can only be determined by performing a thorough and systematic inspection of the home’s plumbing system. This, in turn, can only be carried out by reputable plumbing services like Capital Care Plumbing, one of the leading teams of plumbers in Cypress, TX.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Higher Bills Call for Energy-Efficient Water Heaters in Cypress, TX

With temperatures dropping to as low as 18 °F in some areas of the state, Texans may well see a huge increase in energy bills once the winter season is over. According to CBS Local, owners of older houses and/or homes that employ older and less efficient heating equipment might even have larger bills to pay in February. However, most Texans would rather worry about staving off the cold before calculating their heating costs.

It can be said that the increase in utility bills is inevitable. Nonetheless, there are some ways for homeowners (especially those who have low-income jobs) to lighten the load. For instance, they can simply install tankless water heaters from Cypress, TX contractors, such as those offered by Capital Care Plumbing, to enjoy small energy savings that, given enough time, will grow into larger savings. These can prove useful when the next winter season comes. After all, water heating takes up about 30 percent of an average household’s energy bills, whether it has tankless heaters or not.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Plumbers in Katy, TX Can Resolve Problem of Freezing Water Pipelines

Water, when subjected to extremely cold temperatures, will naturally freeze. This characteristic becomes a major liability during winter. Plumbing often suffers from clogging or even leakage during the season precisely because of frozen water, and homeowners should take every precaution necessary in order to prevent ice buildup. Should freezing and the subsequent damage be unavoidable, homeowners can immediately enlist the aid of skilled plumbers from Katy, TX such as Capital Care Plumbing to fix all the problems.

If homeowners experience water shortages in the middle of winter, then they might already have a freezing problem on their hands. When water freezes, it expands; when it does this inside pipes, it can clog the channels, preventing water flow. In a worse scenario, it can even force the pipes to burst outright. Normally, homeowners can insulate their pipes to prevent such problems, yet such a “solution” isn’t foolproof.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Some Tips on Maintaining Water Heaters in Katy, TX During the Winter

Water heaters—especially the models that use tanks—will experience freezing problems during winter. Frozen tanks and pipes can cause blockage, or even burst, leading to leakage and further freezing. Such problems are often beyond the control of homeowners, as it takes more than just sealant to patch up the damage.

Homeowners should call upon Katy, TX water heater contractors such as Capital Care Plumbing to fix any flaws they might detect with their water heaters. Whether they have to deal with freezing pipes or a ruptured tank, professional contractors have the necessary tools and skills to get the repairs done. Homeowners who suspect a decrease in heater performance can also hire contractors to assess the devices and perform preventative maintenance.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Most Common Things People Tend to Flush Down the Toilet Identified

Unfortunately fall into the johns, but a variety of other every day things as well. Yes, kids do tend to be very curious about that porcelain bowl that magically flushes out anything that falls in the water, with a mere flip of a handle. That's why they shouldn't be left alone near it – or anywhere, for that matter.

Plumbers in Sugar Land, TX, like Capital Care Plumbing, have seen a lot of things being flushed down the toilet. Fortunately, they are also experts when it comes to repairing them.

“There’s that moment of pure dread when you realize something either large or beloved has just swirled down the toilet bowl courtesy of your little one. I’ve heard stories of car keys and cell phones,” said an article in babycenter's blog. The piece also gave a list of the top 7 things that kids usually flush down the toilet, which includes the following items: plastic toy hamburger, Winnie the Pooh figurine, duck stuffed toy, wedding rings, cups, jewelries and toy cars.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Get to Know the Most Common Types of Water Heaters in Sugar Land, TX

Households all over the country use around 15% to 20% of their home's energy in order to heat water.  This is why choosing the right water heater is a very important decision, especially because you only do this once every 10 to 15 years. However, before purchasing one, it is best to be educated about the different water heaters in Sugar Land, TX. That way, you will be able to identify which one will be most efficient for your home.

Storage Water Heaters

Storage water heaters or conventional water heaters are the most common type of water heating system. However, this type is not necessarily the most efficient since it uses up more energy, storing a large tank of hot water. When the hot water top is turned on, the hot water is released from the top of the tank.

Tankless Water Heaters

According to an article in

Tankless Water heaters are also called on-demand water heaters. These supply hot water right where you require it, when you need it, without a storage tank.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Cypress TX Plumbers: Keeping Garbage Disposal Units Earth-Friendly

“If 30,000 households in a community switch from disposing food waste in a landfill to use of a food waste disposer,” states the PE Americas report, “the global warming potential of disposing of food waste would be reduced 1.9 million kg of carbon dioxide equivalent. This is equivalent to the community not driving 4.6 million miles in the average American car or 100 community members going carbon neutral for a year.”

Like any other appliance, however, garbage unit disposals can break down. You can get in touch with professional plumbers from Cypress TX for a regular inspection but you also have to make sure that these units are properly cleaned. You can do this yourself by putting a dish soap inside the system and running it for a minute with cold water.

Pouring a strong flow of cold water is also recommended while grinding food waste to prevent the solidification of oil or grease that may enter the unit.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Maintaining Water Heaters in Cypress TX For Improved and Better Health

A hot water bath also improves blood circulation as the article explains:

The warmth of a bath improves blood flow in the body. You can add oils of ginger, juniper, black pepper and rosemary in water to give a further boost (to) your circulation.

In addition to aiding blood flow, a hot water bath can remedy hypertension. Soaking in hot water will at first speed up the heart, sending blood to the surface and discharging excess body heat. A few minutes into the process, warm blood will give way for the blood vessels to dilate, consequently lowering blood pressure.

It is definitely a must for any household to ensure that hot water is present and this is possible through proper maintenance from experts such as Capital Care Plumbing, a company known to service water heaters in Cypress. Moreover, a working water heater can prevent leaks that may damage floors, walls, and ceilings. If flushed regularly, sediment and debris buildup can be prevented as well.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Troubleshooting Before Calling Plumbers in Katy, TX: Garbage Disposals

The garbage disposal is an excellent innovation that helps significantly minimize the risk of clogging your kitchen sink’s drain by shredding food items into particles small enough to pass through plumbing. When they act up, though, it could spell all sorts of problem for your plumbing system. Before you rush to the phone to call plumbers in Katy, TX though, you should give these troubleshooting tips a try first:


This problem is often caused by throwing something into the garbage disposal that you shouldn’t (thick bones for instance), thus causing a clog that essentially keeps the sharp parts of the disposal from functioning effectively. Unplug the disposal, reach into the drain and check to see if you can pull out whatever is lodged down the pipe.

Clank and Stop

The next level of garbage disposal plumbing is that a foreign object becomes completely stuck inside the system. Should you hear a clanking noise, and a sudden stop, immediately turn off the motor.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some Things You Need to Know About Choosing Water Heaters in Katy, TX

Fuel Sources

Most water heaters today are powered by electricity or fuel oil. However there are others that rely on natural gas, geothermal heating and even solar energy. Ask your local plumbers about these options and choose which would be best for your application.


Another important consideration that you should keep in mind when choosing a water heater is storage space. Unless you have a sufficiently large space in your basement for a water tank, then you might find that installing the tankless option to be the more practical choice.

It’s also important that you consider the maintenance needs of your water heater. Be prepared to shell out for regular maintenance and water heater repair in Katy, TX. If you keep it well taken care of, though, you might find that having an efficient water heater can be quite the investment.