Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tankless Katy, TX Water Heaters: Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

For smart consumers, the ability of any water heater to conserve electricity is just important as its capacity to heat water. To avoid energy wastage, homeowners consequently need to carefully consider their domestic water heating needs. According to, homes that require or use less than 41 gallons of hot water every day can benefit from on-demand water heaters in Katy, TX that do hang from walls and measure about a third of the size of bulky storage water tank heaters.

These gas- or electric-powered tankless water heaters heat cold water directly as it travels through the pipes. An on-demand Katy, TX water heater can also be turned off when not in use, thereby driving down the household’s overall energy usage and at the same time shedding a non-essential load on the power grid. further adds that with tankless heaters, consumers can steer clear of the standby energy losses typically associated with storage tank water heating systems.

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