Friday, January 17, 2014

Cypress TX Plumbers: Keeping Garbage Disposal Units Earth-Friendly

“If 30,000 households in a community switch from disposing food waste in a landfill to use of a food waste disposer,” states the PE Americas report, “the global warming potential of disposing of food waste would be reduced 1.9 million kg of carbon dioxide equivalent. This is equivalent to the community not driving 4.6 million miles in the average American car or 100 community members going carbon neutral for a year.”

Like any other appliance, however, garbage unit disposals can break down. You can get in touch with professional plumbers from Cypress TX for a regular inspection but you also have to make sure that these units are properly cleaned. You can do this yourself by putting a dish soap inside the system and running it for a minute with cold water.

Pouring a strong flow of cold water is also recommended while grinding food waste to prevent the solidification of oil or grease that may enter the unit.

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