Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Most Common Things People Tend to Flush Down the Toilet Identified

Unfortunately fall into the johns, but a variety of other every day things as well. Yes, kids do tend to be very curious about that porcelain bowl that magically flushes out anything that falls in the water, with a mere flip of a handle. That's why they shouldn't be left alone near it – or anywhere, for that matter.

Plumbers in Sugar Land, TX, like Capital Care Plumbing, have seen a lot of things being flushed down the toilet. Fortunately, they are also experts when it comes to repairing them.

“There’s that moment of pure dread when you realize something either large or beloved has just swirled down the toilet bowl courtesy of your little one. I’ve heard stories of car keys and cell phones,” said an article in babycenter's blog. The piece also gave a list of the top 7 things that kids usually flush down the toilet, which includes the following items: plastic toy hamburger, Winnie the Pooh figurine, duck stuffed toy, wedding rings, cups, jewelries and toy cars.

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